Wellness Body Assessment

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Wellness_Body_assessment-Denmark-Albany WAA Wellness Body Assessment measures and monitors various characteristics of your body’s physiology and metabolism.

The assessment involves the use of a combination of non-invasive sensors that send a slight electrical impulse through the interstitial fluid of your body. These sensors measure various parameters and regulatory mechanisms of your body. The assessment gauges various changes occurring in your body that may be caused by lifestyle or environmental factors.

Results are obtained during the consultation enabling an interactive session with you, making informed decisions about your health without having to wait.

Ongoing Wellness Monitoring

Follow up assessments are shown on a graph comparing changes in your body’s physiology and metabolic factors to previous measurements. Seeing the results on screen is a great motivator and validates your efforts and health choices.

Wellness Body Assessment-Albany WA

The Wellness Assessment is an invaluable preventative health care tool allowing a tailor-made treatment protocol. Treatment is aimed at supporting the specific body systems indicated as most out of balance.

The device is not a diagnostic tool and does not diagnose disease or illness. The aim is to offer an observation and evaluation of your health status.

Take Your First Step On Your Journey to Wellness

Contact Dr Sonja to talk about how the Wellness Body Profile Assessment can be beneficial to your health and well being. Phone 0434 726 2141 or send an email.