WEGA Test Electro-dermal Screening

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Vega Test-electrodermal-screening (formerly Vega Test) - Dr Sonja Denmark-Albany WAWEGA Test electro-dermal screening provides a quick and effective search for functional disorders and their underlying cause.

Resistance is measured at an acupuncture point on the hand providing a ‘direct dialogue’ with the body, in order to obtain useful observations.

WEGA Test is effective in screening for…

organ burdens, acidity, toxins, fungal-, viral-, bacterial-, parasite burdens, food sensitivities, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, various stressors, etc.


WegaTest (formerly Vega Test) - Dr Sonja Denmark-Albany WA

The device is not a diagnostic tool and does not diagnose disease or illness. The aim is to offer an observation and evaluation of your health status.

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