Polysan Test

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Polysan test - Dr Sonja Denmark-Albany WA

A Polysan Test is aimed at identifying specific bacterial and viral activity in the blood. These pathogens are in a valent form and go undetected by your immune system and also in routine pathology blood test

The continued activity of these undetected pathogens may explain why many people have baffling and unresolved symptoms as the real hidden cause remains untreated.

Polysan Test: Finds the remedy antigen for you

Polysan Kolloid Blood Test - Denmark Albany WAPolysan’s are a group of 10 Sanum remedy antigens of specific bacteria and viruses.

The Polysan Test involves mixing drops of your blood with drops of these Remedy Antigens, a positive antigen-antibody result indicates specific bacterial or viral  presence.

The indicated Polysan remedies are then used therapeutically, to enable your immune system to target specific pathogens.

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