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Homeotoxicology -Dr Sonja, Denmark-Albany

Homotoxicology is a modern derivative of Homeopathy, developed partly in response to the effects of the Industrial Revolution which exposed the human body to new chemical pollutants.

Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, a German medical doctor and Homoeopath who developed the Homotoxicology theory and remedies in 1952, referred to these toxins as Homotoxins.

Eliminate Unwanted Homotoxins

Chemical pollutants called Homotoxins constantly challenge your cells, tissues, organs, hormones, your immune system, and other natural protective mechanisms of your body. Our environment contains thousands of chemical and many are toxic to your body. This constant chemical attack contributes to many types of dis-ease.

Exogenous toxins include air pollution, synthetic chemicals in food, water, household cleaning products, beauty products, bacteria, viruses, and even allopathic drug residues.

Endogenous toxins are produced inside your body and come from lactic acid, adrenaline, histamine, antigen-antibody complexes, nutrient deficiencies, psychological stressors, and emotional traumas.

The Homotoxicology remedies and treatment protocol is aimed at restoring your body’s natural defense system. They also help your body to eliminate toxic deposits in various your body organs and tissue and thereby helping to restore their natural healthy balance.

The Six-Phases of Disease Table

According to Dr Reckeweg’s Homotoxicology theory, there are six phases to the body’s ability to cope with toxins. These are represented in the Six-Phase Table:

  1. Excretion: In this phase, the body is able to adequately cope with and excrete toxins. A runny nose and diarrhoea are examples of the excretion phase.
  2.  Inflammation: A fever is an example of the inflammation phase of toxicity. A fever is the body’s natural attempt to neutralise toxins that it cannot adequately remove by excretion.
  3. Deposition: If the toxins still cannot be removed, the body stores them. This phase is usually asymptomatic. However, when the proper treatment is administered, one of the first signs that it is working is symptoms of disease. This is said to be because the toxins are being flushed out of the system.
  4. Impregnation: After a period of time the body becomes “impregnated” by the toxins. They become part of the connective tissue itself and cause tissue damage. Severe symptoms can occur at this stage.
  5. Degeneration: Organ degeneration occurs during this phase as the built up toxins destroy large cellular groups within the organs.
  6. Differentiation: At this stage toxic cellular groups “differentiate” or distinguish themselves as distinct cell forms. Malignancies such as tumours form at the extreme end of this phase.

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