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The reality of modern life is that stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and exposure to environmental pollution all contribute to increased toxicity in the body.

Consequently our body’s are not able to function at their full potential, leading to a diminished health and well being. The body does have the natural ability to process harmful substances and eliminate them from the body. However the onslaught of excessive toxins and stressors on the body puts undue pressure on the eliminatory organs (liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, lymphatic system and skin).

Detox now for optimal wellness

Detoxification cleanses your body of toxins. By reducing the intake of toxins with lifestyle and dietary changes and products that support the body throughout this process,  the eliminatory organs get a chance to ‘spring clean’. This improves their overall function leaving you with renewed energy, vitality and improved health .

Various detoxification programs and options are available to meet your individual requirements. The most popular detox program is the Whole Life Vitality Program – Detox for Health, designed by health experts and leading Naturopaths.

Whole life Vitality – Detox for Health:

  • It’s an easy to follow 21 day program
  • No fasting
  • You are allowed nutritious meals and snacks – meal suggestions and recipes included
  • Lifestyle advice to support detoxification and reduce toxin exposure
  • Supportive supplements taken throughout may improve digestion, tone the liver, support phase II liver detoxification, aid fat metabolism and assist clearance of toxins from your body.

Other detox options are available when indicated, tailor made to suit your body or specific eliminatory organs. Seven day detox programs are available using Homeopathic drainage remedies and supportive supplements.

Detox programs are designed to release toxins from the body, support and strengthen organs of elimination, establish the digestive environment and repair and regenerate the body.

Take Your First Step On Your Journey to Wellness

Contact Dr Sonja to talk about how a detox can help improve your health and well being. Phone 0434 726 214 or send an email.