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The Functional Medicine concept is to get as much information about your health status using various tests and evaluations, also taking into account any of your conventional medicine test results.

The Wellness Assessment is a great starting point. This overview of your body gives us plenty of information to work with and may point us in a direction for further testing if required. As great as it is to see changes at your next Wellness Assessment, your individual consultation structure may vary according to the initial outcome. Follow up consultations may include either a Wegatest, a Polysan test or any of the other in-clinic screenings, and health questionnaires available.

For those interested a total wellness package including all the screening techniques is offered as part of your wellness journey. Your individual screening requirements will be planned and set out  over a period of time according to your body’s individual needs.

Set aside an hour for the initial consultation. The screening and evaluation could take up to 40 minutes, time remaining is used to fill your script and for final discussion. Follow up appointment are generally 30 minutes and may vary depending on the type of screening done on the day.

Due to the length of and to get the most out of your consultation, please attend on your own as family members, friends, toddlers and children may be a distraction.

Should you not be able to make your appointment, please cancel within 24 hours, so that the appointment can be offered to a patient on the waiting list.

Health Fund Rebates

Dr Sonja is a Health Fund Practitioner, so you will be able to claim from your Health Fund, if they cover the treatments that I offer, like Naturopathy.

Payment is due after consultation and may be done by Cash or Direct Credit (Transfer your payment to Dr Sonja online from your bank account).


Take Your First Step On Your Journey to Wellness

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