About Dr Sonja van Niekerk

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I am committed to and passionate about helping people on their pathway to health. I therefore regularly attend international and interstate conferences and seminars to stay current with new trends and research in the natural health industry.

My Qualifications

  • Post graduate qualification in Functional Medicine, Functional Medicine University, USA
  • PhD in Naturopathy; Bircham International University, Spain
  • Masters Degree in Homeopathy; University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Nutritional Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis); Da Vinci College of Natural Medicine, Cyprus
  • Botanical Medicine; Bircham International University, Spain
  • Homeotoxicology; Heel, South Africa
  • Compounding and Dispensing for Homeopathic Practitioners; University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Practice Pathology; The Foundation for Professional Development, South Africa
  • Biopuncture (Mesotherapy); Biological Medicine Association, South Africa
  • VLA and Bioimpedence testing; Healthworld, Australia
  • Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy; Medford, South Africa
  • Aromatherapy, therapeutic massage and Bach Flower remedies; Lillian Terry Aromatherapy Academy, South Africa
  • Professional registration ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association)

The Principles of Dr Sonja’s Practice

Functional Medicine | Naturopathy | Homeopathy | Homeotoxicology | Healthy Ageing

Take Your First Step On Your Journey to Wellness

Contact Dr Sonja to talk about how your health and well being can be improved. Phone 0434 726 214 or send an email.